After years of planning and construction the Casino opened in Murphy, NC at 2pm on September 28th. Traffic was backed up for 3 miles in anticipation of the grand opening! People filled the town from all over the states and stood in line for over an hour to be part of this exciting event. The casino has over 15,000 sq ft of gaming floor, accompanied by a food court, bar, and a beautiful full service hotel. It has been one of the largest events ever in our little town and as a local the traffic was a little overwhelming, but like most small towns, we locals know the backroads 🙂


The day after the grand opening, traffic had totally calmed into a steady stream that no longer blocked or slowed down the 4-lane traffic and I decided it was time to see the casino with my own eyes. The 29th, after all, was National Coffee Day, so my 14 year old daughter HAD TO HAVE Starbuck’s. I picked the kids up from school and off to the casino we went to, which is

literally 3 minutes from the school. We turned into Casino Dr. and are greeting by a smiling familiar face; the traffic director was one of my buyers. He, along with his wife and daughter moved back to Murphy after he got out of the military a few months ago and had purchased a new home.


As we winded around the casino road, the kids’ eyes were as big as saucers. They were in shock that this huge structure is tucked away in our little town. You can only see the top of the hotel from the 4-lane, so they had no idea how big it actually is. We parked really close to the front and went into the main entrance. There was a heavy presence of security separating

the food court from the gaming floor, allowing all ages to enjoy the food court. We order our Starbuck’s and began to walk around the food court. We stopped at the Panda Express where I saw another smiling familiar face working the wok. About a month ago, he, along with his wife and daughter from Hong Kong moved to Murphy and bought a home in town. Their daughter will finish out high school here.


As a local, born and raised, the fear of what might come from the casino and the traffic it brings scared me. Right now the effects have been wonderful. I have several friends who have been driving for years back and forth to Cherokee to work, they are now working here. I have been blessed to work with numerous buyers moving here to work at the casino and almost all of them have families that will be attending our local schools. We have buyers still coming to retire here and buyers investing in vacation rentals. We have more new home and land packages to offer buyers than we have had in ten years. It is so nice to see young families moving here because now they can find employment, and the dream of moving to the mountains to raise a family is no longer just a dream..it is a reality.